Stylists and Estheticians


Patti Green

My journey to hairstyling began early. Yet after years of non hair-related and unfulfilling jobs, I finally allowed myself to explore hairdressing as a career. Living in New York City in my early to mid-twenties proved to be a great launch pad for the path I have chosen. New York is a wonderland of culture and fashion and I truly was "exposed to it all."

Since moving to Portland in 2002, I have enjoyed meeting and beautifying many people. It is a great honor for people to trust me with their most visible accessory. Whether maintaining someone's look, creating an entirely new style, or perfecting a wedding 'do, I find reward in the process.

Opening green. has been a gratifying venture. The ebbs and flows of small business ownership keep me challenged, while my time with my clients and co-workers keeps me grounded. I truly enjoy going to work every day, and want to express how grateful I feel to be part of such a wonderful salon family.

Monday 10-5
Tuesday 11-6
Wednesday 1-7
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-5


Elys Tremblay

green. Salon is my second home. We have an awesome team who continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

As a Portland native, I have been a hairstylist for 16 years. As I continue to hone my skills in this craft, I have expanded my business to be a part of the esthetics department in Spring 2016.

Striving to be your best inside and out is challenging in the lifestyles we choose to lead. My passion for natural beauty and self-preservation can make your locks shine and your skin radiant.

Living in north Portland with my husband, David, and our animal child, Sneakers, we love our neighborhood. You'll find us riding our bikes all around! We also love yoga, motocross, and hiking.

Wednesday 9:30-6:30
Thursday 11:30-6:30
Friday 9:30-6:30
Saturday 10-4