"I want one!"

I’ve been working in my studio for a few months, and the reaction from clients has been so positive!

Along with the wonderful compliments on the style and craftsmanship, my favorite response was “I want one”! Meaning, a calm and restorative space that can be used for multiple purposes that is detached from the dwelling in which you live. I wish everyone had a little house to create and relax, inspire and excite.

Luc recently asked if I thought I might eventually tire of working in the studio. The answer is no. I love it so much. With the simplification of my life came the desire (and time) to take more classes on cutting, coloring and styling. Even though I feel accomplished in my field, there is always more to learn and new ways of achieving beauty and confidence. This move has allowed me to focus more on connecting with my creativity and to hone my craft.

I have recently taken a full day barbering class here in Portland and will be taking a two day razor cutting seminar in the Bay Area at the end of April. I’m super excited to head down there with my haIr bestie, Elys, so we can get our learn on.

I hope everyone is having a great spring!